Real Estate

One of the most invaluable tools in real estate is knowledge: of trends, of the market, of locations. Best Building Management Services is staffed by experts in Miami investment property. We live here. We work here. This city is our city.

If you want to sell or buy residential or commercial property or if you’re a developer who wants to lease or sell units, you can trust Best Building Management to give you top priority service.

Our first-hand knowledge of Miami real estate helps connect you with prime prospects who are the best match your listing. We have expertise in both online and offline marketing and know what features attract today’s clients.

You can be confident that Best Building Management Services will provide solid advice on real estate trends in Miami with the goal of getting you the best price for your listing. Let’s talk. Call us now.

Property Management
/ Maintence

A building that’s well managed and well maintained gives you the best return on your investment. But you need to able to rely on the company you choose to maximize occupancy and keep the premises in showcase condition.

Best Building Management Services is that company. Our services are designed to add value to your rental, condo or business complex. We market your property for tenants, screen all applicants, take care of lease paperwork, collect rent and handle accounting. We provide experienced maintenance personnel, skilled labor from painters to plumbers, cleaning crews who do the job until everything is spotless and trained personnel to respond to Emergencies.

We manage the day-to-day “small stuff” so you can focus on your core business.

Call us to discuss your needs. Let us customize a package that fits your operation and your budget.


Property development is a long and complicated process. You have a big advantage when you partner with Best Building Management Services to make that process hassle-free. If you have capital to invest in real estate, ask us about our new developments in the Miami area. We can find you the perfect spot and build it for you, from the home of your dreams to a residential or commercial complex.

We do all the legwork: hire the subcontractors, procure materials, oversee the day-to-day progress and even handle the sale of a completed building.

We have experience with all the details of development: timetables, deadlines, coordination of architects, engineers, designers and suppliers, subcontractor vetting, quality control, budget monitoring and code compliance along with all the paperwork involved.

Rely on our professional best to take both big and small developments from concept to market, on budget and on time. You invest; we do the job; you benefit. Give us a call to develop a customized package of services for your project plans.


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